Would have liked more practice time from all of you this past week, but y’all did make progress in the lessons!   Please get in a few good solid practice sessions this week, and your progress will be cemented in your playing so we can build upon that next lesson!!


Kudos again for taking the initiative to focus in on the styles of music you want to pursue.  I think you will (and me) will love this new jazzy book of yours.  Remember, RHYTHM IS KING, no matter what style of music you play!!


Thanks for coming to and sticking it out in the lesson, despite not feeling well.  Remember to electrify and control the shape of the SOUND you are creating as your fingers caress the (especially melodic) keys.  Please practice all of your other songs not finished yet that we didn’t get to today.


BEAUTIFUL CELLO!!!  Big improvement.  Remember to keep your bow straight on the C string as well, and that when your L.H. fingers come off keys, they should retract, and indeed pluck the strings.


Remember to buy the study book please, so you can practice the first two of its pages.  Remember, the L.H. (left hand) must ALWAYS maintain its arch formation while the fingers articulate the string.


PLEASE remember to BRING YOUR NAIL CLIPPERS to class from now on.  We will compromise on how short you feel you can have them, so you will be able to discover the advantages of having short fingernails when playing the piano, and then decide in your mind how much ‘pain for gain’ you are willing to endure.  And, practice with the METRONOME!!!