Hi all!  Great work this week!

Mia:  Keep working on Wishing Well and Balloons to nail accuracy with those rhythms.  Counting and clapping, counting and playing, and count singing are all great ways to keep up with the rhythms.  You’re also going to add up up down downs to your repertoire of practice methods to ensure you know which direction the melody is moving!  20 minutes a day.

Kayla:  Nice to meet you today!  We worked on Blooming Fingers, Ok fingers and Table taps this week. Feel free to experiment with playing the groups of black keys with the left and right hands up and down the keyboard! Next week bring a notebook and the Piano Adventures Lesson book for the young beginner.  10 minutes practice a day.

Maleeya:  Nice to meet you today too!  You’re working on Left and Right and Right and Left from the handout I gave you.  Remember to notice where the diagram wants you to put your fingers, and whether the stems of the notes are pointing up (Right Hand) or down (Left Hand).  Next week, bring a notebook and the piano books that you were working out of last year.  10 minutes practice a day.

Andre:  Great work!  You’re adding the vocal exercise of sighs, aiming for a medium high start and falling through your range to the bottom.  Keep aiming high!  Once I Loved was in great shape, and you nailed staying in the correct octave (hero range) throughout!  This week we’re adding a new tune, and you’re going to bring in two versions that you really like, and we’ll analyze the music to see how we can match those performances!

Paula:  You’re starting work on Footloose this week.  Learn from the beginning to the end of the first chorus!

Olivia:  Finish learning I Know It’s Today – the adult Fiona section is still insecure.  Next week we’ll begin a new piece of your choosing – make sure to bring a piece of music that has vocals/piano/(guitar) so that we can start right away.  You’re also working on memorizing the Curwen hand signs and solfege syllables that go along with them.  Sing through exercises on page 5 in the Full Voice Workbook, and start pages 6 and 7.

Arjean:  AMAZING WORK!  You killed the vocal fry in ONE WEEK!  Well done!  Keep working on the Pa-da-ti exercise.  Use a metronome starting at 54, and work up to 84 this week.  You’re going to keep working on True Colours, aiming to round your mouth to a [u] shape whenever you encounter an [r] in the music.  You’re making great progress, and I’ll bring a new piece for you this week.