Hello Ezra, Elora, and Isobel,

glad to meet you and nice to see you all. Here is the assignment for this week.



Practice the 16th notes variation that I gave you today. Remember that your count and playing speed must be the same. Aim 30 minute daily.

DIRECTOR’S NOTE to Parents:  Please make sure to share these emails with Ezra each week so he knows what the homework is.  OR, he can sign up for the emails on Sam’s Teacher page and get them himself.  If neither of these works, he can simply visit Sam’s Teacher page each week, where the homework is listed.


PLEASE bring all the materials with binders and drum stick as well. She forgot it today. We learned “Horse” rhythm. Make sure 8th notes on right hand is steady and count as well. When you play the horse rhythm, make sure count “1 e and a, 2 e and a, 3 e and a, 4 e and a” and hit on every number and “and a”. Aim 30 minute daily.


Nice to meet you today. Please bring your drum stick and binder with the material that I gave you next week. We learned to day how to hold the drum stick properly. Although I explained instruction, you could also read it through to remind it. If you have any question, let me know next time. Please practice slowly and accurately. Aim 20 minute daily.


Happy Practice.