Mixed effort/focus in lessons today and practice this week, see below.  If you’re doing something, you might as well try your best doing it, that’s what my dad used to say!


Made significant technical and musical progress since December!!  Good job.  Remember, the dynamism of your playing apparatus (your CLAWS) equals the dynamism (life) of the SOUND you’re creating!


Oh dear.  You were able to do the first 3 bars of ‘Star Wars’ for the first time according to the correct rhythm and fingerings today, but then you talked for the rest of the lesson!!  Please, Isabella, not only for my sake, but yours — you only get out of life (and music) what you put in.


And, you!!  Blah, blah, blah (almost) the entire lesson.  And, once again, no practicing since last lesson.  Sure, you were sick for a few days, but you had 2 weeks, and you were (apparently) proud of not practicing! :(


You have talent, dear sir!  But, talent isn’t worth anything without practice.  Learning the piano is a stepping stone to learning other instruments.


WOOHOO!!!  You broke through!!!  Because you (intently) practiced!!!  Good job.  Keep it up!