Hello Kaden, Ella, and Simone,

it’s glad to meet you and good to see some progression. Here is the assignment for this week.

Kaden- It’s good to see your steady performing. It’s much improved, but keep working on it. We learned open hi-hat technique. Please practice slowly and try to produce clean open and close hi-hat sound. Make sure body balance is stable as well. Aim 30 minute practice. Finally, just let you remind that I will be not in next week Monday due to a concert. So Alex Artle, who is a percussionist, will teach you much fun materials.

Ella- I heard that you have a fever and cold. Take care yourself and drinks lots of warm water. Keep practice the last week materials and aim 40 minutes. I will be away next week Monday due to a concert, so my colleague, Alex Artle, will teach you with fun materials. He is also good percussionist. Also, it will be good to yourself to teach your sister, Simone, as well because she also like to learn a drum. Teaching your sister will also helpful to you to study by yourself.


Happy Practice and see you on February 5th