Hello Pedro, Kaden, and Ella,

Happy New Year and glad to see you all. Here is the assignment for this week.

Pedro- I hope you are doing well and keep practicing the materials that I gave to you. If you’re busy with school works, try to aim 30 minute daily.

Kaden- We reviewed and refreshed materials what we learned so far. We also discuss how to practice efficiently and what makes to be a good drummer. Count slowly and discipline yourself are very important when you are practicing. In addition, you have to be strict yourself when you practice technique, like a soldier. To clarify, when you’re practicing the techniques, you have to learn precisely. Hence, PLEASE practice slowly and REMEMBER that your verbally count and playing speed must be same. I know that it is hard in the beginning with practice slowly, but all the musicians passed that time to become a great musician. The homework is practicing basic rock beat and note divisions slowly with accuracy. Aim an hour daily.

Ella- We play along with “Hotel California” today. Her double kick tend to rush, so we listen songs over and over to understand how it is important to keep steady. Ella needs to practice some previous materials. Although we went some, she needs to refresh them so that we could aim to play “Hotel California” original drum parts. If Ella has a struggle with reviewing any materials, don’t hesitate to ask me when we meet next time. Aim 40 minute daily for this week if it is possible.

Happy Practice~