Great start to the New Year, piano-wise speaking, kids!  Keep this intensity up until June, and you all will be playing the piano like you wouldn’t believe it!!


The comment above is especially meant for you, Isabella!!  Now, with Star Wars, KEEP YOUR EYES on the music, making sure you’re doing the CORRECT RHYTHM (holding down keys for the correct length of time), keeping a STEADY TEMPO (only play at a speed that you can play the notes without interrupting the rhythm), and playing all of the notes in both the Treble and Bass clefs.


Please practice as much as you can, dear!  And, please bring your iPad next week, (and from now on, depending on how much you practice and progress each week) so that you can record videos of me playing your pieces demonstrating on how you should practice and play them while at home.


Remember to keep your hands in CLAW form, playing on fingertips, and in 5-finger position (one finger per white key) while playing.  Also, don’t stop the rhythm/tempo in between bar lines.  Quarter note = one count, half note = 2 counts, dotted half note = 3 counts, whole note = 4 counts.