Excellent start to the New Year, guys!!  You practiced over the holidays, all of you!!!


Excellent progress on Mazurka and your other pieces since last we met!!   Remember to practice with the metronome to Spy, and to always FOLLOW, yet CONTROL the rhythm at the same time.  Rhythm is King — if you’re not ‘in the rhythm’ of the piece you are playing, you’re already starting with a broken foot.  Keep up the good work!!


You made a breakthrough today!!  You are extremely musical, naturally gifted.  Don’t be afraid of expressing this gift — for that’s what it’s there for — but show appreciation for this gift by practicing!


You also made leaps and bounds over the holidays, in regards to your L.H. articulation and tonal recognition.  Remember to keep the sound going once a note is plucked, until the next note is plucked!  Articulate your 3rd finger on the string when your 4th finger is articulating the note.


Alternate practicing the piano with watching ‘What Happened, Miss Simone?” on Netflix.  You have the talent to ‘reach the stars’, Olivia, but you still have to put the work in to obtain such musical stature.  Nina Simone practiced 6 -8 hours a day as a child.  And, CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS!!!


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