Hello Kaden and Ella,

Good to see the progression and here are the assignments:

Kaden- Well done the last week assignments. Your playing skill is much improved and I love sound; however, you are still showing rush. So, Please count before you play like what we did today. We learned double kick today. Remember the motion of your right foot. It is important to produce strong sound and the last eighth note must be strong. Practice slowly and REMEMBER the motion of foot. Finally, Please watch your left hand while hitting the snare drum. Aim 50 minute daily.

Ella- We learned 16th notes one hand technique. Remember that put little accent on every down beat so that you could know where is the beat. Count loud and when you feel comfortable, try to take out (e) out of 1 e and a. In addition, practice with the metronome. It will be great to practice efficiently and wisely. Aim 30minute daily.


Happy Practice.