Great job today, guys!  Remember, the principles of music can be summed up by the ‘3-legged stool’ ~ 1.  Rhythm (how you move) 2. Lyricism (how you shape the melody/tell the story) 3. How the rhythm and lyricism are expressed through the SOUND you produce while playing.


Rhythm, being the one holding you back at the moment.  Find out why you’re afraid to move, then as you address it and slowly start to become more comfortable moving to the rhythm as you play, you will find playing piano much easier, and that what you’re playing sounds better, and you will enjoy it more!!


PRACTICE, PRACTICE, PRACTICE, dear.  If you’re not going to practice, truly try to play these pieces, then why are you taking piano lessons?


EXCELLENT improvement from last week, and well-done in the lesson today.  If you can get accustomed to moving to the rhythm and pushing your wrists forward on the strong beats at this stage of the game, your piano learning experience will be that much more enjoyable and accelerated.  Keep it up!!!


CUT YOUR FINGERNAILS, so there is no white of the nail showing!!  We play on our fingertips most of the time, and the pieces you are practicing currently require finger articulation on fingertips!!!  Attune your ear to the sound you’re creating when articulating keys, being aware of HOW you move your body and playing apparatus effects the sound you produce.


No laziness when at the piano, dear!!!  If you’re going to do something, you might as well do it as best you can, right?  And, I believe you can be giving A LOT more to the music than you are currently.  Make the melody come alive while you move to the rhythm (core always engaged).  You’ll surprise yourself, trust me.


We covered so much this lesson.  45 minute lessons certainly helps!!  We will work on every piece you’re practicing in such detail from now on, (and do the same in your practice sessions at home).  We want the principles of music ingrained in your playing, second nature to you, from now on.