Great job today, guys!  See homework below to remind you what to focus on this week.


Excellent first lesson, dear!!!  You picked up proper hand formation and posture at the piano pretty quickly, MOVING to the beat as you play, as well as ‘walking from note to note’ (legato).  Great start!!!  Feel free to go past what pieces I assigned you in the book.


Much improvement from last week, sir — you practiced well.  Good job!!!  Remember to keep your spine straight, sticking your chest out (good posture), and MOVING to the strong beats as you play.  Also, the rule — at the end of EVERY slur, push wrists forward off the keys.  And, don’t be afraid to make a SOUND!!!  That’s what playing is all about ;)


Remember, how tense your hand and fingers are as they play = how tense/strong the sound produced.  So, when you want the melody to stand out from the rest, make sure those fingers in that hand are more ELECTRIFIED so the sound stands out and is more ELECTRIFIED!!!