Great job today, all of you!!  Good on you for continuing with piano during the summer.  Use this opportunity (your relative free time) to expand your musical understanding and playing technique!


Good work today.  Remember to keep your hands in CLAW-like formation as you play, and to CONNECT (walk to) notes that are different.  Play the ‘note-naming game’ so that you can recognize a note of the musical alphabet (A, B, C, D, E, F, G) immediately!!


Please purchase that popular pieces book Barnaby recommended.  And, Isabella, this means you have to start focusing in lessons and while practicing at home!  Girl, we are trying.  Are you??


Raise those wrists, curve those fingers, play on your fingertips — hands in CLAW-like formation as you play!!  Also, ENGAGE your core/tummy muscles ALWAYS when you’re at the piano, and engage them more on STRONG BEATS!  Practicing MOVING to the rhythm while playing in slow motion will make sure the sound you’re creating is appropriate (and beautiful) for the section you’re in.


See your sister’s comments above — these musical principles apply to you, too!!  Cut your fingernails so you can play on your fingertips!!  Remember, HOW you come off keys is just as important as how you initially sound them.  The faster you come off a staccato, the more exciting the staccato sounds.


NO RAISING SHOULDERS, sir.  Stick out your chest and straighten your spine instead, and make sure you’re doing the appropriate DANCE for the section you’re in.  Learn to play out the melody more than the accompaniment.  Our hands are most often doing very different articulation types.  Engage your core in order to coordinate this.