Remember girls, HOW MUCH (and how) you practice equals how fast you progress!!


Try to get to your grandparents piano this week, and if you do, 1) play the note-naming game 2) place your claw-like hand (raised wrists and curved fingers) into the 5-finger position (one finger per white key), starting on C 3) ‘walk’ from finger to finger, maintaining your claw-like hand formation.


The beginning comment about practice = progress was meant especially for you, dear.  Remember the challenge you said you would try to do this week — practice ONE HOUR a day!!!  I would delighted if you could practice 1/2 hour a day, but either way, I promise you, you will see an immediate difference in your playing and reading music abilities.


HOW you practice is just as important as how much you practice.  You need to focus more when sitting at the piano, and REMEMBER what it is you’re supposed to do!!  Keep your hands in CLAW-LIKE formation, wrists HIGH, fingers CURVED, and elbows away from your body.  And, no fidgeting!!  We must discipline our fingers if they’re to be any good at tinkling the keys in an organized fashion.