Another round of good practice and great lessons, folks!  Keep it up!!!


Surprising news that you are the lead singer/rapper in a band!!  Awesome, Maz.  Now I know a little more which musical directions you might want to go in.  Remember, there’s a difference between creating and re-creating a song — one type of playing you can do whatever you like, the other you MUST FOLLOW WHAT’S WRITTEN on the page.  And, for both modes of playing (which can also be a mixture of the two), you MUST FOLLOW the MUSICAL RULES/PRINCIPLES (like keeping a steady tempo and good sound), no matter which style of music you are playing!


Getting more nuanced in the dances your body can do while playing.  Great job, keep it up!!  Try to finish your two oldest songs for next week, and start working on your newest piece!!


Great second lesson!!  I don’t think I’ve ever went so far in a lesson book with a beginner in such a short amount of time in a lesson.  Please practice at least 15 minutes per day, to keep ALL of your knuckles curved (so you’re playing on fingertips) while coming down on keys and coming off of keys, and to CONNECT notes that are different (like you are walking from key to key.


THANK YOU FOR PRACTICING your new song this week!!  This is what I expect and know you can do.  Now, please be disciplined and practice ALL OF YOUR SONGS (including the new one) at a slow tempo WITH THE METRONOME.  Be EXACT with the rhythm.