Great work today! You learned both of your pieces very well (“Classic Dance” and “Young Hunter”). Let’s play them again next week and don’t forget to do the dynamics. Like you told me today, you think of forte (loud) like you want to tell everyone something, and the piano (soft parts) is like you’re whispering or telling a secret. That will make your pieces sound more fun and alive. Also prepare “Skipping Space” for next week. Also, please find your sheet that lists all of the notes and bring it for next week. It will make it much easier when we use the flash cards next week. Fantastic job today!


Let’s keep working on “The Greatest Show on Earth” for next week. The left hand seemed pretty easy for you – you should be able to learn that very quickly. For the right hand, it’s also pretty simple – just make sure to give extra focus on the couple of parts that are a bit trickier. Remember that in this piece, the left hand has the melody and the right hand has the accompaniment (usually it’s the opposite), so make sure to always have a nice, healthy, loud left hand! Also, if you want to get a head start, start putting the two hands together. We will also keep working on scales. G Major for next week, and hopefully we can learn a new one next week. Have an awesome birthday on Friday and see you next week!