I’m sorry to be missing the recital as I will be out of the country for a couple of weeks, but I know you will both play wonderfully!


Great job preparing for the recital! You are totally ready. Just a few things to keep in mind in both pieces. Remember that you can always look up at the notes if you forget something – you always played it perfectly when you were looking at the music! For “Mexican Jumping Beans”, don’t forget to always play it staccato – it won’t really sound like Jumping Beans if you don’t do the staccato. For “Haunted Mouse” – don’t forget the dynamics! The dynamics will make it sound extra haunted. Also, no getting faster or getting slower – keep everything at the same tempo. You can also keep working on “Classic Dance”, but mainly, keep focused on the recital. It’ll be great!


Good preparation for the recital with “Cowboy Song”! I want you to focus mostly on this piece for the recital. You can keep working on “Magic Man” too, but remember that they are two very different pieces. “Magic Man” is staccato and mysterious and “Cowboy Song” is lazy and smooth so don’t mix the two of them up when you practice. For “Cowboy Song”, I know you that you know this piece really well but it’s also still important to keep practicing hands separately sometimes just to feel extra safe. Also remember to keep the tempo the same for the whole piece – no getting faster or slower! For “Magic Man”, find the parts that are most difficult and practice them hands separate, before putting the hands together. It also helps to count out loud while you practice. After the recital, we can start working on some new pieces. Great work!