• Keep up a regular practice routine. Make sure as part of your warmup you take some deep, relaxed breaths. Remember, you want to stretch your lungs a little bit (but not so much it hurts).
  • Try and feel the difference between different notes in terms of your lips and air. Remember, you can use an online keyboard to check your pitch. Flugelhorn G is F on a piano.
  • Work on the first exercise in the Arban book.


  • Remember the 2 main work ons: ALWAYS keep your fingers on the valves, and keep your chin up in trumpet stance.
  • Oil your valves once or twice this week.
  • Work on the Imperial March, and please bring your book next week.


  • Make sure you practice with a metronome, even if it’s just for a little bit each practice session. Make sure you are strict with it.
  • Think of something you might like to play for a recital. If you’d like, we could also look for a duet.
  • Feel free to bring in some music from your weekend band.


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