Despite lack practice time this week, you had another great lesson today, and are continuing to improve on your ‘moving to the rhythm’ while playing, and your variety of finger articulation is also expanding.  Keep it up!!


Unfortunately, last week’s practice effort and ‘best-lesson-yet’ was not replicated this week, but please, try to get to that level of effort again, dear!!  Remember to MOVE to the rhythm as you play ‘Batman’.  And, when improvising, remember that you are ‘painting with sound’, trying to tell a story that will entertain and make people FEEL something as you play.


You practiced a little more this week, but please, try to practice Bach’s Minuet and all of your other assigned piece’s this coming week.


When improvising, try to play with both hands at the same time while KEEPING FINGERS CURVED.  And, please practice each of your assigned songs, remembering to keep the tempo (speed of playing) STEADY, playing according to the correct written rhythm.