Good lessons (for the most part), aspiring pianists!  But remember, if you want to learn and get better, you must PRACTICE, and practice PROPERLY!!


The ‘practice properly’ comment above was inspired mostly by you, dear — if you make a note, fingering, or any other kind of mistake when attempting a section of your piece, STOP, figure out what you did wrong, then attempt from the beginning of that section again.  DO NOT continue to play hoping that section will somehow fix itself.  “If you do the work, it will work.”


The ‘PRACTICE’ comment in my blurb at the beginning of this homework post was inspired by you, dear!  I know you have a busy schedule, but remember, one only improves by practicing.


Excellent lesson and practice this week, my boy!  Although, you didn’t practice the piece I assigned you last week, you did practice ‘walking from finger to finger’ (one finger per white key).  Please practice the pieces I assigned (labelled with today’s date), and remember to sit at the piano with GOOD POSTURE, and to have CLAW-LIKE hands with HIGH WRISTS at all times when playing.  Continue to improvise!!