Hi, everyone! Here’s some reminders to guide your home practice this week:


Great work on playing the Old McDonald duet together! Focus on joining the notes as you play, and observe dynamics. Same goes for Balloons.


Good work on the pedaling – keep working on coordinating the pedaling with your piano playing to make sure it’s polished. Make sure to observe musical details when you practice your other pieces (dynamics, length of notes, etc.)


Well done on the advanced transposition! Now try the other keys we discussed in lesson. Keep up the good practice of other pieces at home.


Beautiful singing and movement today! Thank you for teaching me a few new songs too. Let’s focus on singing “You’ve got a friend in me” (from Toy Story) and “Beauty & the Beast” at home – have your mom and dad find some YouTube videos of these songs. We’ll also do more piano work next week when you bring in your new piano book.


Well done for completing your theory book! It’s exciting to start a new book, right? Focus on the piano pieces and make sure you’re able to play it without stopping. I’m looking forward to playing our duets next week!


Congratulations on completing your theory book! We’re on to another new book now. Focus on your piano pieces – once we’re done with these, it’s in to another book too!

stay warm and have a great week!