Great lessons, again, guys and gals!  Remember the signup sheet for the Winter Recital December 3rd will be at the front desk mid-November, so start thinking about what you might want to play, and if you don’t want to play, please do your best to attend!  It’s always an inspiration to see fellow students attempt the stage.


Great lesson today, though short.  You really improved from last week!!  Sorry it will be my last lesson with you for the time being, but we are still on for the duet at the December 3rd recital, I hope!


Making progress, my son!  WOW!!!  What a good practice session in SLOW MOTION we had today — listening to the sound of every melodic note, being aware of HOW you are articulating.  Continue practicing in this way this week (and whenever you are facing a difficult section in the future).


Same goes for you, Gerardo as Mazin.  Practice in the same meticulous manner that we did today.  IF YOU WORK IT, IT WILL WORK.  And, PRACTICE!!!!


Due to the TTC delay, and the focus on the principles of bow technique, we weren’t able to get much beyond tuning your instrument today.  However, these (and other) foundational principles of music and cello playing are KEY to playing beautifully and with ease as you progress.  Don’t give up!!  Please familiarize yourself more with the notes of the Bass Clef, and other musical notations.


Good job, man!!!  IF YOU WORK IT, IT WILL WORK.  Remember, we play with our WHOLE BODIES — in that, how our body moves to the rhythm as we play, effects the sound the bow is creating!  And, for the left P.A. (playing apparatus), remember the principle of the ARCH, which must be maintained at all times.  Start vibrato exercises in first position while moving to strong beats — find a pleasant-sounding rhythm!!


4 new books to begin!  Practice new songs using the ‘3 Steps to Learn Anything (Musical)’ — 1. Start moving to the rhythmic character of the piece AT TEMPO  2.  SLOW THIS MOVEMENT DOWN (get into slow motion)  3.  Get ready to play, then conduct yourself in, and play!!  Remember to bring your other piece that you’re singing to, so we can get the piano part ready for the recital!!