You’re doing a great job with all of your old pieces – let’s see if we can put more work on the new ones. Please don’t forget to practice “C’s Rock” this week, and also your new song, “Mozart’s Five Names”. For “C’s Rock”, it will help you if  you can tell the difference between middle C, Treble C (one above middle C), and Bass C (one below middle C). Remember in “Mozart’s Five Names”, it really helped you to sing the name of each note when you play them. If you do this with all of your new pieces, I guarantee you will learn them faster and better!


“The Whirlwind” is getting better – I still want more crescendos and decrescendos. Fix the few trouble spots, and it will be perfect next week. For “The Planets”, I also want you to finish it for next week. Watch out for your pedaling, so that you don’t have to stop when you change the pedal. Change your pedal on beat 3. Also, focus especially on the third line – that one was a bit tricky today. I hope we can finish these two pieces next week so we can move on to new ones.


You’re doing a great job and I’m super happy to hear your piano has arrived! You’re learning a lot of really new, difficult stuff so if you don’t get it right away, don’t worry at all! “Jolly Old St. Nicolas” and “Old Macdonald” sounded great today! For “Jolly Old St. Nicolas”, remember to practice the step/skip measure – you can practice by just playing 3-2, 3-4 and 4-2. Remember to stay relaxed when you do all of this. Also prepare “Batter Up” and “My Clever Pup”. Remember to find the C before you start either one of those songs. Remember it also helped you when you sang the name of the note while you played each note – keep practicing that way and I’ll check on your progress again next week.


I’m glad your piano is coming tomorrow! Keep working on your songs, “Join the Fun”, “Oom Papa” and your new song, “The Clown”. In “Join the Fun”, practice the third line especially – first hands separate, and then put the two hands together. You can practice any part of all of your songs that way. In “Oom Papa”, remember that the staccato means to play short and accent means to play louder. In “The Clown”, just keep practicing to get used to the flats. They will be tricky in the beginning.


We have many songs for next week. “The Cuckoo”, “Money Can’t Buy You Everything”, “When the Saints go Marching In” and the new song, “Join the Fun”. For each song, it will help you to practice each section first hands separate, and then hands together. In “Join the Fun”, you first have to find the G Position (or sol position). The other three songs will be in C Position (do position). We will have more things to talk about in these homework posts after you can start practicing on your new piano!