Great start to the new piano season, guys and gals!!  Now, let’s try to get into good practice habits and establish a consistent practice schedule!!


Excellent first lesson with me!!  Kudos for being a good listener and giving your best effort, dear.  Remember to review the sayings for the lines and spaces of both the treble and bass clef staffs (reading from bottom to top), so in time, your music reading abilities will become easy as pie.  The dance/body movement to the piece’s rhythm as you play is just as important in sound creation as when your fingers articulate the keys!


Maple Leaf was not completed yet, that is, according to you.  Good on you for realizing this and wanting to perfect/figure out this piece’s technical challenges before moving further in the book.  Get the musical principles of this song into your system, and your playing ability will rise up a level.  Don’t stress about it, Mazin, patience is key!


Don’t forget that the lyricism of the piece (the melodic line) also influences the way your body moves while moving to the piece’s rhythm — so ELECTRIFIED fingers as they articulate the notes of the melodic line, so the melody stands out above the rest of the notes, and tells a story!!


Back to bow work this lesson — remember, when changing the bow at the tip, and especially when changing at the tip on a strong beat, be sure to engage your core muscles AND the muscles of your bow hand and fingers as you near the tip, then change the bow.  Continue practicing pizzicato the L.H. (left hand) in 1st position — check the pitch of the semitones with an app.


Good work today, dear.  Start with your technic exercises, practicing what we talked about (the principles of music) in the lesson, BEFORE you practice your other songs.  Then, practice your other pieces with these principles of music in mind.