Hello Ezra and Elora,

it was pleasure to meet you and here are the first lesson assignments. We learned how to hold a drum sticks and I explained you a bit history back ground of the stick grips. Please read the material that I handed out to you.


Ezra: I would like to keep practice slowly German Grip and watch carefully your hand position. If your stick does not keep triangle shape, it means that your top of hand palms are in wrong position or your arms are not open wide enough. In addition, I would like to watch your pinky finger whether it is pop out. Keeping focus energy and pose is really important. Practice slowly and do quarter notes, eighth notes, and sixteenth notes slowly and consistently.

Elora: I would like to practice German Grip and watch carefully all your hand position and pose of your body. Practice slowly and relax your wrists just like playing a basket ball. Please imitate your  right hand when you practice left hand.


Happy practice and see you all next week :)