Hello Everybody!

As you know, we migrated to a new system for managing billing and schedules.  In some cases we were unable to bring over your payment information, for security reasons – which is a good thing – but now need to update them manually.  If you have lessons or classes coming up, and your name is on the below list, please call the office as soon as possible so we can update your card information, or log in and update it on your own.

Please Log In

We’d appreciate if everyone took the time to log in to the new system and check all of your information, including payment information, for accuracy.  This will help us enormously.  You should be able to use your email address to access it, and possibly request a password.  If you find it a pain – for whatever reason – just call the office at 416-651-7529.  We want to help.

This is also a great opportunity to switch from Credit Card to PAP payments.  You can email an image of your void cheque or PAP form directly to [email protected].  We recommend specifying on the cheque or form that it is for ABC Academy of Music.

Please call if you (or your child) are below:

Antoniali Gabriela
Birenbaum Alexandra
Birenbaum Samuel
Bravo Moffat Felix
Bravo Moffat Oscar
Brody Henry
Brown Landon
Byrne Ruairi
C/o Jacqueline Sutherland Nathaniel Osei-Afriyie
Cancian Arianna
Cerqueira Julian
Cunha Justin
Durand Nino
Ferber Leonie
Gerardo Cardenas
Gilis Samuel
Gudani Jayna
Gudani Margot
Hayden-Roman Gabriel
Hayden-Roman Rafael
Iacovelli Mark
Leong Charlotte
Leong Griffin
Leong Vivienne
Maciver Claire
Magalhaes Isabel
Mammoliti Alyssa
McKergow Chloe
Miller Aidan
Nilevsky Faye
Siu Koglin Jesse
Stern-Kubista Zola
Stevenson Thomas
Stevenson Thomas
Valdegamo Gaian
Werner Henrik
Westby Emet
Westby Kollel

And also…

  • Cardenas, Gerardo
  • Lamey, Caelen
  • Lewars, Rachel
  • Alvarez-Lewis’
  • London-Smiths
  • Angjeli, Ildi
  • Vila, Sydney


Thank you!