Hello Lesson Families!

We will be moving to FarPlay.io for our digital lessons starting September 1st, 2023.  This change will see us drop Zoom as our primary means of delivery Digital Lessons.

WHY?  Simply put, with FarPlay you should be able to play with your teacher at the same time.  This is a big deal, and closes the gap for your experience.  In our opinion this puts the digital experience at 95% of the in-person experience.


  1. Download FarPlay to your laptop or desktop computer (It can work with Chromebooks, but may not be best).  There is no tablet or phone option.
  2. Use a wired ethernet connection.
  3. Use wired headphones.


We will be maintaining all of the current Zoom studios as a backup for September only.  As of October 1st we will reduce the total digital studios to function as backups only, and which we’ll use only if needed.  We’ll update you on this so you know which studios are your backup.

If you can’t access FarPlay during the first 2-4 minutes of your lesson, please fire up the Zoom backup, as your teacher will do the same.


Don’t forget that your digital access will be available on the digital parent portal, and updated for your information.


Call us in the office at 416-651-7529 or use the 2-way text at 226-799-4939 to inquire.

Thank you!