Griffin – keep practicing “Blackbird” – memorize the shapes of the chords and change them as fast as your left hand can pick the pattern. Keep your left hand close to the strings. Parents help Griffin to do at least 15 minutes of practice a day.

Simon – “Andante” – second version. Learn the first two lines of melody first, then add in the bass notes. Good job on reading! Parents, Simon needs to practice 15 minutes a day at least.

Felix – practice “Heartbreaker” along with the recording. Your time has gotten very good. Work on first two licks of solo. Parents, please encourage Felix and Oscar to play together. A half hour a day at least.

Arianna – listen to Iggy’s “Lust for Life” – remember the chords and practice them with the recording. Take the chords for “La Vie En Rose” and play them in time with no pauses between chords. Parents, at least 15 minutes a day practice.

Ava – changing chords to “Your My Best Friend” with no pauses. Fingerpicking “Dust In The Wind” – make sure that the chords sound clean and clear. Find some music or an artist for us to study that has “integrity”. Use critical listening. Great progress! Parents, 15 minutes a day practice at least.

Ildi – “This Old Man” and “Happy Birthday”. Learn the parts by heart. Practice the “G” chord. Parents it is ESSENTIAL that Ildi do a FOCUSED 15 minutes every day. Also please put all of Ildi’s notes in a notebook.

Josh – practice “Take Me Out” and “Dust In The Wind” – make sure all the chords sound clean and clear. Use your ear, if it doesn’t sound right, fix it! Focus more on “Dust…” this week. Parents, at least 15 minutes a day practice.