Griffin – practice a half hour a day. “Blackbird”- practice getting to chords faster and memorize chord shapes. Parents, listen to “Blackbird” by The Beatles (Youtube) and hear how close Griffin is to the original! Griffin, your right hand picking is very good, now bring the left hand (chords) up to speed.

Simon – “A Hard Day’s Night” Play all the chords in time. Listen to The Beatles version of the song and figure out how many times each part is played. Parents, listen to Simon play the song and help him to remember the chords and how many times each part is played. Perhaps sing along with him?  15 minutes a day will do, but EVERYDAY!

Felix – “Stairway To Heaven” – play the song from beginning to end in time. Play along with Led Zeppelin’s original. When practicing the solo, play as much as you can in time and work on the more difficult bits at your own speed. We will cover the remaining parts of the solo this week and then begin Charlie Christian’s “Flying Home”. Half hour a day. Parents, help find a set half hour a day if possible.

Arianna – Keep working those bass lines, but don’t forget to review the older material, such a s “La Vie En Rose”. Half hour a day. Listen to Django Reinhardt!

Ava – changing the chords on “Your My Best Friend” is going well, work on the B minor and F sharp chord transitions. Warm up with the scales. Parents, have a listen to Ava playing the song. 15 minutes a day at this point but try to make it everyday.

Ildi – 15 minutes a day, EVERYDAY (if possible). Parents, dedicated focused practice time is needed here. Ilidi, focus on “This Old Man”, try to memorize it. Hard work and focus will bring us to the next step. You can do it Ildi!

Josh – Great work changing chords and playing in time to “Highway To Hell”! Keep working on The picking for “Dust In The Wind”. Parents, a half hour a day is suggested for Josh. Josh, did you like Rush’s “2112”?