Owen: practice walking through chord changes.  A half hour a day of practice. Do a warmup of all the chord scales, 2 octaves.

Ayla: “Blackbird” and “Both Sides Now”. Practice a half hour a day, try to get the chord changes to Blackbird quickly. Divide the time evenly between these two new songs and playing an older song you already know for variety. Try to think of a song you would like to learn.

Eliot: practice “Alouette” and all songs you know for 15 minutes everyday. Remember to pluck the strings lightly.

Dominic: “Rose Room”, solo and full size chords. Practice a half hour everyday. Practice full chords and melody for “Dominic’s First Jazz” song. Improvise over B flat scale and sing what you are playing. Practice the two new pages in your book. Parents, listen to Dominic as he plays and help see that he does a regular half hour a day.