Declan – please remember to bring all your notes in a notebook to each class. Practice “Eight Days A week” moving from one bar to the next smoothly. Parents, please make sure there is 15 minutes a day practice.

Griffin – parents, help Griffin practice “Light ‘Em Up” while singing at the same time. Practice 15 minutes a day.

Simon – practice the piece of music we were looking at when we were last together. Play melody and bass notes at the same time.

Arianna – practice “Time In A Bottle” and remember that the time signature is 3/4.

Juri – practice “Eight Days A week” for 15 minutes a day, moving smoothly from one chord to another.

Josh – “Crazy Little Thing…” guitar solo, work on speed and accuracy. Parents, please see to it that there is 15 minutes a day practice.

Devis – memorize names of strings, practice the scales using the correct fingering. Parents, 15 minutes a day practice is mandatory. Also, please see to it that Devis has a binder that he should bring to every lesson.