Declan – parents help Declan do last weeks homework of memorizing the lines and spaces of the bass clef and filling in the names of the notes I have written down for him. Secondly, have Declan practice the new double octave scale I have assigned.

Griffin – parents help Griffin practice exercises 29 through 34 of the book. Pay attention to rhythm and make sure that all chords are played the correct amount of times without pauses.

Simon – parents please remind Simon to practice. Tell him he should practice pages 7 & 8 of the Suzuki book until he can get all the way through them with no mistakes

Arianna – beginning of Cinema Show

Juri – parents have Juri practice the F and B flat scales and chords. Start slowly at first and work up to speed

josh – nobody by Johnny cash

Devis – El Semor, first four bars