Hello all,


Here is this week’s homework:


Continue to work on “Aura Lee” in you Guitar Method Book. Remember to work on the tune slowly and to practice four bars at a time.

This week we also looked at notes on the D string in the same book (pg 17.) Try going through the exercises on that page to get used to reading notes on that string.

Lastly, this week we learned the C major chord. Try playing this through the week. Remember to keep your fingers arched so that all the strings can ring out.



This week we looked at the chords you know which are: G, G7, C, Em and D. Continue to practice these chords and really start to switch them around as you play. Take note of certain chord progressions you like.

We also looked at “You are My Sunshine” in your guitar book. Try playing through those chords and practice strumming them over this week.


Thanks everyone! Have a good week!