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Summer Lessons Start July 2nd

We are Anti-Spam

Many of you will have noticed that there has been an influx of emails in the last 2 weeks about getting you to confirm that you still wish to be receiving email from companies that may have been sending you notes, to keep in line with new legislation to protect consumers from being ‘spammed’.  We won’t be doing that, as there is always an option to unsubscribe, or edit your subscription preferences at the bottom of each email you receive.  Our news service is also opt-in, and while we do want all our students and parents to be getting our notes, they need to agree to them up-front, in a confirmation email.  Additionally, we have adjusted our delivery schedule this spring, moving to a monthly model (primarily) rather than as-it-happens news.  We take your privacy and inbox contents seriously, and hope you feel the appropriate level of respect.  Any suggestions to improve this part of our operations will be happily received.

Summer Lessons Begin July 2

Your summer lesson schedule begins on WEDNESDAY, JULY 2nd.  Please call the office if you are not sure of your lesson time/day.  There are some last minute changes for teachers that have light schedules, so please check your voicemail before the end of Canada day.