Hi Team,

I understand there are checkouts that aren’t working.  This should only be a concern if you are M** units, not MU** units.  I will review these tomorrow as I prepare cheques.  Also, for future reference, please note that the lessons are colour coded online, and on the PDFs that show “Booked, Confirmed, etc.”.  If you are unsure of what these mean, there is a colour coded legend online in your schedule, on the bottom left.  You should use these as your guide for future Make-up weeks.  During make-up weeks, your lessons will need to be confirmed.  If they aren’t, you won’t need to come in for them – during make-up weeks.  We’ll have a fix for checking all make-up lessons out next time round.  Regular lessons during the course of the academic year and summer should generally be marked as confirmed.  Thanks for your continuing patience as we keep learning the nuances of making the system work!