Hi everyone, thanks for some good lessons this week! Here is what you should look at for next time.

Ella- This week, work on the transitions between beats in Breezeblocks. Try to get the first transition down at 120 to the quarter note, and the second one at 90 to the quarter note (or 180 to the eifghth note).

Jonah- This week, try to get Lesson 4 1-12 learned. Also, play the drums along to your favorite songs or the songs on your kit. Lastly, just play the drums and try to come up with new beats and fills!

Noah- Take on Me is going really well, try to finish it this week! You’ll see that it is mostly repeated material at this point. Any tempo is fine this week, keeping in mind we are shooting for around 110 as a goal tempo when it is finished. Keep using Stick Control as a warm up, here is page 6 (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c0TL6UKL-_4zGcGMaXOUFvkGYwCNbsp6/view?usp=sharing).

Sylvie- Here is the finished drum part for Get Used To It (https://drive.google.com/file/d/1vhd6Xu9Te0Ssorb9qHd9zru8iwnehOVN/view?usp=sharing). Since it is most repetition at this point, try to finish the song. If you can’t do the whole thing for next time that’s okay. Also, check out this website http://www.rhythmrandomizer.com/. Under “Note Options” select quart notes, eighth notes, and quarter note rests. Spend a bit of time with this every day (3-4 minutes), trying to clap and count the rhthms. Click on the rhythm and it will change!

Koel- This week, work up to being able to play disco beats 10-18 with fills inbetween continuously. First get familiar with each beat, then try to connect them. Make sure that when starting beats and fills, you are paying close attention to the metronome to stay with it during the transitions. It is getting much better!

Sampson- Here is the sheet music for Astronomia, sorry I forgot to send it last time! Try to finish the song for next time, you’ll see that it is only repeated material from the beginning from here on out.

Have fun with this stuff for the week!! See you all on Tuesday.