Hi Team,

Please download the preliminary make-up week schedule to see if it works for you.  You have until the end of day on Friday, November 29th to voice any problems, and make changes.  There will likely be changes due to student requests after this, as well, so please do not become too attached to the schedule you see now.  I will keep you posted.

STEVE and JENNIFER W please note that you are programmed for Friday lessons that week, due to a backlog of lessons.

Not Scheduled, or Have One Only?

Some of you may owe make-ups, but are not scheduled, and some of you may be coming in for one lesson only.

If you are not scheduled, it is because there aren’t enough to be worth you coming in, this time.  If you only have one lesson to come in for, it is likely because you owe multiples to that person, and we need to clear what we can now.

In any case, the focus is on trying to make the most of your time, while effectively reducing the amount of lessons owed.


If you have any questions, call.