What to practice: This week Sebastian I want you to write in the counts and practice the Lesson 3 reading and hand exercises

How to practice effectively: Start with writing the counts above the notes for the rest of the Lesson 3 Reading we didn’t cover today. Then once you’ve written in the counts and double check they are right, count it out loud and clap your hands. Then try it with the sticks making sure to use good technique and hand position. For the hand exercises, play them first with just the hands, then once youre feeling confident, alternate the feet on each beat, meaning the bass drum on beats 1 and 3 and the hi-hat pedal on beats 2 and 4. This is tricky so try breaking it down when you practice!

Great job today, keep it up!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: This week Lucas I want you playing the beats for Lesson 7

How to practice effectively: Try the beats out slowly and remember to count if you have trouble. Additionally you can break it down and work two out of the three parts one at a time before putting it back all together.

Good job getting started on these beats!



How many minutes to practice: 30

What to practice: This week Jonah I want you to work on Lesson 13 Reading and Beats, here is the video I made to help:

Also, here is an article to help explain how different notes are related to each other, it should help with this lesson:

How to practice effectively: Hey Jonah, good work today! The Lesson 13 beats still need a bit more practice but you’ve got a great start on it. Be sure to check out my video if you need some reference to how the beats sound! Hopefully soon we can start a new song!

Thanks for a fun lesson as always!



How many minutes to practice: 15-30

What to practice: Your assignment this week Samson is to keep working through Todd Rundgren’s It Wouldn’t Have Made Any Difference. Here is the UPDATED TRANSCRIPTION.

How to practice effectively: Really great job today, it was all coming together pretty nicely! At this point you’re ready to start playing the song without the music so try and only use the sheet to refresh your memory. Play with the song a lot and make sure that you’re not slowing down in the transitions. Remember to keep the triplets tight and listen to make sure you’re playing in time with the song. Next week we’ll keep trucking through it and hopefully finish. Also here is my video about the last fill if you still need it:

Sooo great to see you in person!!



How many minutes to practice: 3omins

What to practice: This week Sam focus on working through the fill in Come Home and finishing out the song

How to practice effectively: This is a tricky fill but if you work it slowly and break it down like we did you’ll be nailing it! Chunk it into the three parts we did: the hi-hat and snare at the beginning, the tom part after that, and then the two low tom notes. Try that till you can play the whole thing with just the hands no problem. Then do the same process but with the hi-hat foot playing quarter notes. Then the last step will be adding the sloshy hi-hat on the first note.

Heres a video of me going through it:

This is tricky stuff, really impressed with how well you handled it!


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