Hello Everybody,

Please click here to view the preliminary make-up schedule for March Break (14th-21st, inclusive).

REMEMBER: You must call either way to indicate your availability.  If you do not call, you may lose your make-up.  Call 416-651-7529 to indicate your availability now.

Please also note that Kasia’s students are not yet listed in this, and we hope to have her schedule sorted out shortly.

There may be some changes as people confirm, so please look at each version carefully.  You may see your name more than once, or a lesson length that is longer than your usual one.  This is will be because you are owed a greater amount of time, and so that we keep on track with time owed.

Don’t see your name?  Your teacher may not be available, or may have too few lessons to warrant coming in at this time.  We will do these lessons in June.

If you have any questions whatsoever, please call the office.