Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Here’s today’s assignment:




Make your Move: You’re improving! Remember to look out for where you play short notes (staccatos). On the line that you find the most challenging, try to play the LH notes by feel instead of looking down. Aim to keep your eyes on the page so you know what is coming next.  At the end of the song, you’re playing steadily and the notes are correct. Now, try to position your hands so they’re in place BEFORE they have to play. This helps to ensure that you’re not “late” to play and the hands are already prepared.

Ode to Joy: (NEW) Remember to play all the B flats. You can keep your fingers on top of the black keys so you don’t miss them. Feel free to add some color to the chords.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star: Much better today! Thank you for adding some color to the chords! Keep working on this so it gets smoother.



Alouette: I can tell you worked on this! You played confidently and corrected the rhythms right away!

O, My Dear Augustin: The LH moves up to G position but RH finger 4 starts on D. You’ll need to move the RH a few times in this song, but the left hand stays where it is. We talked about “key signatures” today, and how that affects certain notes in a song. This means he will have to play all the F sharps in the song.

Complete the written homework as well in his book (note naming).



Spring Song: No gaps today (where she plays 3 quicker notes). You can play this as a warm-up or review song this week.

Musette and This Old Man: Continue to review these two pieces. She has the notes correct most of the time but can sometimes lose focus in following the notes when she looks down. It’s ok to glance down at the hands to ensure they’re in the correct place, but don’t spend too long looking down or you’ll lose your spot in the song. Aim to play each song without any fumbles. This means she may need to slow down the pace so she has enough time to think and process what she sees on the page.


Have a wonderful week everyone!