Recommended Practice Time: 15-30mins every day

What to practice: This week I want you to go through the reading for Lesson 4! It will be on the second page of the document linked.

How to practice effectively: Go through and write in the counts (1+2+3+4+) above the notes for all of the lines on the page. Then after counting the rhythms out loud, go through and play them all on the snare drum making sure that the sticks stop and start 6 inches above the drum head.

Really great improvement with the Lesson 3 beats!! Also if you have time, ask a parent to help get your snare in the right spot!  



Recommended Practice Time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Practice through the bridge of Verbatim.

How to practice effectively: Remember to put the bass drum after the drags and just keep working through things slowly, there’s no rush to getting this material down and it can be frustrating that way haha. Just focus on getting it good slowly and then getting it up to tempo will be a piece of cake! Also try to focus on giving an 8th note pulse to all the 16th note beats.

Really great work on this song so far Ella, keep it up!



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: This week I want you to play through all the beats in Lesson 10, next week we will work on Lesson 11!

How to practice effectively: I think you’ll be fine with these, just play each one about 8 times, and make sure to look out for the sticking on the snare drum and be certain you have the bass drum in the right spots!

Super fun and inspiring playing with you as always Jonah!  



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: This week I want you to play this beat to Rock with You for 1 minute at a 83, 95, 108, and 115 bpm. Use the metronome on your drum kit! Try it with the song at least once as well!

How to practice: Focus on relaxing and lowering your stick heights as much as possible as it gets faster! You made some great progress playing with the met today so keep it up and be listening to see if you are right with it, too fast, too slow, or just inconsistent. Your tendency right now is to be on the slow side so don’t be afraid to drive the bus, and a good way to feel that is with your bass drum since its playing quarter notes right along with the metronome!

Awesome progress today, super excited to keep moving forward on this song!  



Recommended practice time: 30mins every day

What to practice: Work through the paradiddle-diddle patterns from Lesson 9 again. If you have time start looking through the Lesson 10  reading too!

How to practice effectively: Good progress today! Now just keep focusing on being able to play the hands accurately before adding the feet. You want to shoot for being able to feel that groove in the feet no matter what the hands are doing!

Keep up the good work!!