Hello Everybody!

The ABC Team hopes that this update finds you all well, healthy, and in good spirits during this most unusual springtime.

Today’s update covers all programs, so be sure to read everything included. Headers should clearly show you what each section is about, helping you to decide if it if applicable to you and your family.

We Need Facebook & Instagram Ad Help

If you or someone you know is a Facebook/Instagram advertising expert in these fields, please connect us to them.

Refer a Family Member or Friend from Anywhere in North America and Save 20% off Your Lessons or Classes

Know someone in the U.S. or in the rest of Canada that would benefit from taking online music lessons or classes with us? If they’re in the us they’ll save up to 40% with the Canadian/U.S. exchange rates, and you’ll save 20% when they register. Win-win!

Update Your Zoom Now

Zoom has released an important update with a security focus, which you will need to have installed by May 30th. After this time, if you try to access a lesson or class it will force you to upgrade. Better to do it now, in advance of your scheduled activity.

Live Lessons & Class Update
for this School Year

Lessons and classes will continue online to the end of June.

There is a high likelihood that classes will remain online through the summer. Lessons remain pending.

Recital Cancelled

At this time we will not be having our recital. If we end up with a high volume of summer students, which may happen with limited travel, we could do something late in the season.

Rock Band Update

Rock Band is now officially cancelled to the end of June. There should be no billing on your account going forward if you were previously registered.

If restrictions are lifted or eased by the end of June we may do a Summer intensive, which could be twice a week. Stay tuned.

Summer & Fall Registration

As usual, we expect to do our Summer and Fall registration in the Spring, but we will delay from early May, to late May or early June, to have a slightly better view of the public health situation.

If you take lessons, we’ll update you with the schedules shortly.

Music Together Summer Classes

As we feel we will be online during the summer, we will have some flexibility compared to previous years, mainly in being able to offer more live classes, and more weeks due to the online modality.

We think we’ll be able to do 10 weeks of classes, and a slightly reduced schedule compared to the current schedule.

Don’t Forget Music Together & Rhythm Kids is Unlimited Live and On-Demand

We have noticed that some families are sticking to their ‘normal’ times for live classes. While this is great, and keeps your community together, we want to remind you that you can watch all of the live classes, and all of the pre-recorded classes and story times. There’s no limit!

Take advantage of this rich offering to meet new teachers, families, and to have classes at times that suit you. Take advantage of this rich offering to meet new teachers, families, and to have classes at times that suit you. Enjoy the benefit of doubling upon a fun activity that develops so many parts of yourkids’evolving selves!

Class Email Reminders

For anyone that had been registered in classes (Music Together, Rhythm Kids, Rock Band), you are likely getting those previously scheduled reminders. Please disregard them through the end of June.

For Music Together/Rhythm Kids, use the schedule on the parent portal as your guide for when live classes are available.