Hi everyone! I’m returning to using the homework posts as it’s a bit too complicated to write it out in the Zoom chat and then save it for the student! Hopefully continuing to use the homework emails will be helpful for students and parents alike!

Nice job to everyone this week, trying to keep up the music practice amongst everything else going on!

Here are the suggested tasks for the week. Recommended practice time is at your own discretion–if you have the time, practicing 15-20 minutes each day is great, but I know schedules keep changing so whatever you are able to achieve is good!!


-warm up slides exercise from green book, pg 52: start out with the lip trill each time to remind the body of the connected/continuous air idea, then try it with “oo” and “ee”
-practice singing (anything) with the idea of open space in the back of the mouth/throat: flat tongue in the back, raised soft palate, open nasal passages
-Hallelujah: for the part that felt strained, visualize the highest note in your head in advance of the phrase so you can be prepared


-Hickory Dickory Dock 2: practice the new section we added today. Remember to pay attention to which octave you are in for the LH (either at middle C, or the C below)
-Keyboard Magic (last page of the book): Take a look at this one to do some prep work on it before we officially start it next week. Can you name the notes? You can write them in if that will help you remember


-if you can have your audio settings set up like how we adjusted for next week, that’d be awesome! The sound quality was much better :)
-G major scale: work on putting it hands together and maintaining the correct fingering
-G major triads: keep working on them hands separately
-My Funny Valentine: work on the last two lines of pg 1 hands together

See you all next week!



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