Willow Tree: Focus on the B section of the piece. Practice first with separate hands, and then put them together slowly. Go line by line, and be particularly careful with the accidentals in the piece (sharps, flats, natural).

Play the A section slowly, and try to pick up a faster tempo gradually.


Piano Adventures p. 54 “Elephant Ride”. Make sure to keep your hands on the keyboard at all times, and to start with your right thumb in C. Play slowly, but don’t stop between the first and the second lines.


Piano Adventures p. 32 “Flute of the Andes”. Read complete for the next class. The last two notes are played one octave higher (8va sign). The piece is also played with the pedal.

Practice the Zelda song, including the parts with both hands. Go slowly first, but make sure the rhythms are on the spot. Try to figure out what’s next.


Etude: Practice the etude with a metronome, and make sure every single note is falling with the beat, not before or after. If it is not working, go slower. Practice it with the long-short-short rhythm as well, and make sure you are passing from one hand to another smoothly.

Polonaise in G minor: Practice at the tempo indicated in class, not faster. Make sure you are following the fingerings, especially the ones indicated. For the second to last bar, try to lift your wrist a little when playing the eight notes.