“The Willow Tree”: Practice at a slow tempo. Take a few minutes to focus on the B section. Make sure you are using the correct fingers, and that you anticipate the hand positions when you have the space to do so. Start playing the piece with the repetition (A-B-A-Coda).


Read “Halftime Show” (Piano Adventures, p. 51). Keep in mind that the piece is based in the same notes shown on p. 50.

Practice the Underwater Theme slowly and take a few minutes to repeat the ascendant scale in a loop. Try to keep a steady tempo.


Read p. 34 “Rain Forest” for the next class. Be careful with the skips (they are 5th!).

Practice the Bob-omb Battlefield theme. If you can, listen to the song and try to figure out what’s next.


Focus this week’s practice on finishing reading “Rush Hour”. If you need, practice by bits, or half phrases.

Use a few minutes of your practice time to play the Sonatina in C major, 2nd movement. Focus on the passage with the thirds and the last bars of the piece.

For the Polonaise in G minor, practice the whole piece at a slower tempo and with the repetitions. Pay special attention to bars 4-5 and 9-10.