Hello Everybody!

Hard to believe we are mid-way on the autumn collection of Music, and we hope that you are achieving the levels of fun and mastery of silliness around the music you have been listening to in class and at home.  We have a few updates for you.

Health Safety

It is a strange time as we navigate what we hope is a post-Covid environment.  Other concerns have come up and, in the case of the Flu, come back.

While we do not expect any major changes to how we operate, we remain careful, and advocate for continuing high levels of care around vaccinations, cleanliness, and staying home when there are any signs of sickness.

We hope that you will take care with us on all of these fronts, and that you will let us know if you have any other concerns that we can incorporate to better serve you and the communities we serve.


Some of you have been hosting or having visits from our latest apprentice teachers – Ivan and Erin.  They have been gradually adding songs every week to gain mastery of teaching.  They are continuously working with their mentoring teacher to strengthen their skills.

This past week we engaged in our mid-point video review process, in which they were recorded, and then self-evaluated alongside peer and director evaluations.  This process should create a notable shift in what you will see from them this week and going forward.  If you like what you see, be sure to tell them, as it helps boost their confidence!  If you are concerned or feel they can do things better feel free to speak to the mentoring teacher (Jennifer), and let her know.  You are also welcome to call the office and speak to Barnaby.

Their apprenticeship will end at the end of the Autumn, following a final video review in which they teach the full class length.

Rhythm Kids!

We have 2 spots left this Saturday, Nov. 19th at 2:30 p.m. at our Wychwood location for a Rhythm Kids demo, suitable for Kids aged 4-8.  Wychwood classes will restart in January 2023.

We hope to follow this with classes in North Bramalea in Spring 2023.

If you are interested in Rhythm Kids, give us a call regardless of your location and let us know.  This helps us plan ahead and meet your needs!

Private Music Lessons

If you are more interested in private lessons for your child that is over 5 years of age, then give us a call.  We’ll walk you through our in-person and digital private music lesson options.

Add More Classes Through December – FREE + Live Video

We are opening our entire class schedule to you if you want to add another class to your weekly activity from now through the end of Fall.  If you are at College St. and want to go to class on Saturday at Wychwood, you can.  If you are at Caledon, and want to go to North Bramalea, you can.  Just give us a quick call in the office and we’ll make sure there is a spot for you.

Also, did you know you can do an additional class at home, every week?  At 2:00 p.m. every Wednesday you can fire up Zoom, click Join Meeting, and enter the digital studio ID: 450 129 3682.  Online classes are 30m, and you should treat them as you would a regular class.  Be sure to not ‘watch’ the class.  Engage the same way you would in class and jump around with Jennifer!

Your Spot is Saved

As a registered family, your spot for winter is saved.  You don’t have to do any registration.  Everything continues as normal.  If you are taking a long holiday, or have any conflicts, give us a call and we can see how best to serve your needs.