G minor Harmonic

  • slightly faster bow speed, no pressing
  • eflat too high in 4th postion
  • keep your pinky on the bow

G minor melodic

  • when shifting back into 1st position on the A string, make sure all fingers arrive rounded, not pressed or flattened
  • F natural descending both octaves
  • fix bow hold, relax pinky
  • prepare D and A string bow angle sooner
  • work towards not getting suddenly softer in the last quarter of the bow
  • don’t let the wrist drop too low below the bow hold


  • remember that positions are more closed the further up the cello we travel
  • practice you 2nd position shifting exercise
  • practice first line with E and A drones
  • practice the second line with a D drone
  • anticipate the extension sooner as soon as you land on the E, move the first finger
  • think ahead with left hand extension, be more fluid and anticipatory
  • Don’t forget about your bow arm!


  • when adding the bow start by practicing in the 3rd bar under tempo
  • the grace note goes IN BETWEEN the eighth notes. the base rhythm should not effect the eighth notes
  • work with a metronome, shift sooner and play a fast grace note in order to fit it in in time

Next time we will spend less time on scales.