Hello Everybody!

First off, we apologize for being a bit late with this quarterly update.  The hoping and crossing of fingers that we could do some outdoor classes this spring had little effect on reality, as you have noticed!

So where are we at?

Well, we like to give you as much advance notice as possible about what we are going to be doing, so here is the summary as we have it now, with as much flexibility as we can provide for possible outcomes.

Digital Plans

We intend to continue digital classes indefinitely as an enhancement to our in-person classes.

This means that you will always have a digital fallback option even when you are taking in-person classes. All of these classes will be archived – we’ll make a total of 10 additional digital classes per season available to you. We think this ‘MTTV’ option will be really useful when you have scheduling conflicts or missed classes. We are considering replacing in-person make-ups with digital classes indefinitely and would welcome your feedback about this idea.

In alignment with our Re-Start Plan, we will continue to replace in-person make-ups with digital classes for the rest of the school year as part of our effort to protect people from any lingering COVID. Please check out our Re-Start Plan here if you haven’t already, it contains important information!

In-Person Plans

It is our intention to offer regular, indoor, in-person classes starting next school year, in October 2021.  This assumes broad restrictions are lifted, and vaccinations have reached a critical mass in the general population.  Our Re-Start Plan will still apply.


In the meantime, with a specific focus on Summer, we hope to offer outdoor classes in 3 general locations:

  • St. Clair West (Toronto)
  • North York (Toronto)
  • North Bramalea (Brampton/GTA)

These will be heavily dependent on restrictions, and our ability to book large classes of ~20 families.  We will only do so if we can safely run the classes.


In terms of cost we expect our pricing to continue at 20% off through the summer, based on a digital-only model.

If we offer any outdoor classes, there will be a rate for the full 10 weeks, as well as an add-on rate for those already booked into the digital model.  Unfortunately we don’t know what those will be at this time, because the permit costs for park classes, additional equipment, and transportation are not yet known.  We will do our best to keep these close to our regular base rate.

As before during the pandemic, the commitment will be for the full season.


At this time we intend to re-start our regular in-person classes on our regular fall schedule, beginning just after Thanksgiving, on or after October 12th!  While we cannot guarantee the same day/time combinations, we are aiming for them.



Pricing will be returning to our regular monthly rate starting with fall classes.

A Favour to Ask

We know what a tough year it has been for parents, teachers and kids, but for most small businesses that make their living from in-person classes, this past year has been exceptionally difficult. While we are in a far better situation than most businesses that rely exclusively on revenue from in-person classes, we are still deeply financially impacted by the pandemic.

The summer is generally our hardest time of year financially-speaking, and this year is going to be a squeaker. We are excited to get back to our normal operations and we’d be most grateful for any support you could offer in the interim.

Here are a few ways you can help us out:

  1. Register for summer classes at 20% off the in-person class rate. You can add the in-person amount if we end up moving classes outdoors.
  2. Register for fall classes. Pay for the first month now at our regular rate with a full refund guarantee if we can’t do in-person classes and you prefer not to do digital.
  3. Refer new families and get 20% off for each family referral without a limit!  Each family the you refer will also get 20% off.  This will apply to both the summer rate and the fall rate, and you get to keep that rate through June 2022 for any family that registers (and does the fall season at a minimum). They also keep their 20% through June 2022 if they stay.
  4. Buy our classes as a gift.  We’ll happily give you 20% our classes if you are buying them for a friend or another family member. You can buy our classes by the season for use any time.

Remember, for the fall, we’ll offer you full refunds if we cannot operate in-person classes.

Give us a call at 416-651-7529 and we’ll help you with any questions related to these options.

Our whole team thanks you for your kind consideration and help as we’ve worked to keep our Music Together and Rhythm Kids classes available to you.



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