It was nice to work on some new exercises with you! I hope you throw them into your practice sessions.

Major scales into pedal register: This is one my favourites for warming up. Great for your air, chops and mind. The F and E sounded much more centred in this lesson, it seems like you’re opening up more and able to hear them better, keep that up and try for Eb and D for next week. If you’re struggling, do the three valve down technique and slowly change the fingerings to the proper one.

Low G extensions: This exercise might be the key to getting everything working better for you; It’s a serious workout. Getting up to the E/G comfortably is already a huge step. If you do this a couple times a day in no time you’ll be comfy until the A or even a B. Just like every other exercise, the breath is your friend in this one; it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on taking a full supported breath before you play. Keep it at a controlled mp or mf throughout the scale, and crescendo to the top of the scale. Hold the top note until the end of your breath to ensure core engagement.

Power ride: You can break this one into small exercises as we did or you can just power through it. I think sitting down and spending 30  mins on it would do a ton of good. Be aware of those large intervals between bars. Take your time and be sure to play everything beautifully.