Hi Team,

We are implementing a new software system.  You will be using this to complete attendance and appointments for each day you are in, thereby eliminating the attendance tracking books.  This will save paper, landfill, clutter.

Additionally, you will be able to check your schedule from home, or on the internet, or by using a app.  This will provide you real-time information about your schedule.  I think there may also be ways to set up email alerts when changes are made, but that will have to wait.

To save you travel time, as well as time at our General Meeting in September (have you marked the date?) I am requiring everyone to take a short training over the internet with me, a ‘webinar’.  I will walk you through the software.  I will do two of these, to accommodate your schedules, but I am offering three dates to see which are the most popular.  Please indicate your preferred date here.  The people who choose the least popular date will then be asked to choose from the remaining two.

Make your selection by July 31st.

Thank you!