– French Lullaby: practice slowly with metronome on “quarter note = 60”
– Sonatina: same as last week, watch for wrong notes in the right hand



– Pg.28 left hand exercise & pg 30 right hand exercise
– When playing, stand on the finger tips and keep the wrist down, pretend that you’re holding a bubble in your hand, and try to look at and read the music notes, keep hands still on the keyboard



– Willie Tillie: new song! label the notes for both hands, and then try to play



– Techniques: same thing, add F+ triad solid & broken
– General: practice moving hand(s), stretch out/flip over fingers for “preparation”
– Polonaise in G: entire piece hands together, work on bar 11-end more
– Sonatina in A: add bar 31-37
– Picnic 1920: use metronome, polish up notes and swing rhythm; work on R.H more with finger legato on moving chords